Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Below is my Husband’s car accident story (I mean it really happened. I posted his story in Yahoo question and people though I am joking). After you read his story you would know why I started this blog (I will try to give more details about pre-accident & accident itself & post accident later). I will also post his treatment results, MRI, his DAT test result, etc.

My husband had a motor vehicle accident in January 2007 (he was behind the red light and was hit from the driver’s side at the speed of 80km ,He was taken to hospital by ambulance , the car was totaled ).As he had already registered to sit for dental aptitude test in Ontario back in 2006 (test was dated February 2007 ). The exam result was not good as he went to the center with pain. Result; science 17, Perceptual Ability 24… Eventually he could not get in the program b/c results were not good and after trying it few times, he lost his strength and confidence AND I COULD SAY THE ACCIDENT WAS THE CAUSE OF IT .He has proven to be of the best researchers and he had published articles in gene magazine ,etc.

He is suffering severe depression, back pain (usually walks like a person with disability ), loss of concentration (he keeps staring in a page for an hour like he is watching an interesting movie )

After all these year’s lawyer has not taken the defendant to court and as he says court will be in 2014. (My husband’s insurance company, North Waterloo, paid for some of the treatments and offered him 100K; of course LAWYER TOOK 90K, which was surprising).

I am not sure his lawyer is really working for him and IF he is an honest lawyer!!!  HOW DO I KNOW IF LAWYER IS ON HIS SIDE AND FIGHTING BACK TO GET HIS RIGHTS ?!!

I hope this blog would be a help who were injured in a car accident but did not get a good settlement for their pain & suffering, and future income loss , …

I am also hoping you all give comments & opinions or post your own experiences to help me, yourself, and others with similar situations. I think many car accident sufferers are /would be the victim of broken legal system of Canada if they are not aware of their rights and the actual legal procedure. Lawyers in most cases won’t make you aware of your right and the procedure. Their time is precious and yours is not. Your pain and suffering don’t matter to insurance companies & their lawyers & your lawyer,…


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Motor vehicle accident and constant back pain

My husband and even though he has gone through many different treatment sessions still he complains from back pain and I can obviously see him walking like a person with disability every single day. Has anyone had such experience?! Would you please help to get him back to normal? What do you suggest?! HE WAS A HEALTHY, STRONG, ATHLETIC MAN. WEIGHS ABOUT 84 KG, 185 CM TALL , 41 YR OLD .Please give comments.

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